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Encore!Hartford 2014 Fellows

Michael Banten
Martin Barrett
James Brady
Andrea Carter
Bradley Clift
Tracie Cloutier
Terry Fitzgerald
Michael Fournier
Claudia Gauches
Mary Ann Harris
Linda Howard-Sorrell
Helvi-Lee Kramer
Vince Hough
Chantal Laliberte
Heather Linstad
Michele McDonald
Pamela Mandelburg
Mary Beth Pratt
Christopher Thomas
Harold Topper
William Valentine
Veda White
Edwin Wolff

A Workforce Preparedness Program for Managerial and Professional Employment in the Connecticut Nonprofit Sector


Encore!Hartford is the pilot of the larger Encore!Connecticut initiative. This workforce development program is targeted to seasoned Connecticut corporate and public-service professionals seeking to transition their expertise to professional and managerial employment in the nonprofit sector.

Encore!Hartford incorporates significant field work as part of the training for the fellows.  If your nonprofit organization is interested in hosting a fellow for an 8-week field experience project, contact Doe Hentschel 860.951.6161 x1300 or

Deep Immersion in the Nonprofit Sector

All components of Encore!Hartford, from education to encore fellowship, are conducted in a diverse selection of Greater Hartford nonprofits. This format allows the Encore Fellow to have the highest degree possible of exposure to the variety of work environments of the nonprofit sector. Encore!Hartford has three core components:

  • Education: 56 hours of professional and managerial skill-set transition education in nonprofit leadership, program management, finance, governance, funding strategies, human resources, program outcome measurement and job search strategies.
  • Networking: Networking and informational interviews with executive directors/CEOs.
  • Encore Fellowship: The cornerstone of Encore!Hartford is the two-month Encore Fellowship at a Greater Hartford nonprofit. Encore Fellows will be assigned to a high-level project with a nonprofit within their field and position interest. Fellowships will provide participants with experience in the field and develop the networks and skill sets essential to be successful in their encore careers.

Encore!Hartford is a collaborative project between the University of Connecticut Nonprofit Leadership Program and Leadership Greater Hartford. Get more information.

Further support comes from the Connecticut Association of Nonprofits, United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut, Capital Workforce Partners, CTWorks, and the Connecticut Department of Labor.